I know this is not what would typically be seen on a Notary website but it is the primary reason why I became a Notary. I would like to dedicate this page to my Mom. My Mother passed away on my birthday, June 1st 2023. She is the reason I even thought about Notarizing while giving me her input on my every move. I was willing and able to push through everything. I motivated myself to become a Notary for her so she could see me make such huge accomplishments in my life. Although this saddens me, I am lucky she got to see the huge smile on my face when.

I received my letter of certification. My mother was a very huge part of my life and this is the way I decided to honor her, through my work. She is the reason I got to where I am. She is still in my heart and mind, giving me that push to go above and beyond. So thank you mom. In Loving Memory Of Stephanie Summer Calderon August 29th 1983-June 1st 2023
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